Hot Tub Truth or Dare Turns Into a Foursome and Mom Brought Sandwiches to a Sex Party

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This one started out with my band playing a concert at a local hotel, there were lots of people there but only a few that I knew. After we rocked out for a few hours it was time to start partying, so as I was getting a drink, 3 girls (two of them sisters) came up to me and asked what I was up to afterwards. I told them I had no plans so they invited me to their cabin on the lake. Everyone knows, you never say no to a cabin party…

The night started off pretty tame, we played some sociables and hopped in the hot tub. The drinks kept flowing and one of the sisters thought we should play some truth or dare. Being a pretty much always horny, of course I was down. First 5 or so questions were lame, nothing to write home about i.e. “take off your clothes and run around the house naked”, but just as I started thinking that the whole thing was a dud, one of the sisers comes out with, “I dare you two to suck his dick right now!”

Music to my ears!

So here I am, 3 a.m. on a Friday night, getting my knob polished by these 2 hot Canadian girls while one of the girl’s sister is watching very intently. Of course, we don't want to leave the poor girl out of the game so I dared her to get naked and join in. About 5 minutes went by and I thought to myself that this is the best chance I've ever had of having a legitimate foursome. Or even a threesome for that matter. Now I'm not a prude or anything but the opportunity just hadn't come up yet. So, while still being attended to by the lovely ladies, I shuffled over to the hot tub's music player and turned on LMFAO's “I'm in Miami bitch” while also turning the colorful light on underwater. I figured I probably had it in the bag so I just asked them straight-up if they were down with a foursome. At first the two sisters weren't really down with doing it together, but we were all so drunk and horny that we just started humping like livestock.

The girl who was not related to the other two had a boyfriend back home and part of me felt bad about that, not bad enough to stop, of course, but still kinda bad. After about 20 minutes I finished in their anxiously awaiting mouths, then we got cleaned up and the older sister and other girl got tired and passed out. The younger sister was still awake so we went in to her room where she told me that she couldn't let loose with her sister there so she wanted to f*ck again. I was a little tired but no way in hell I pass that offer up any time…

I was two years older than her and she was kinda the quiet type, however I have to say, out of the approximately 12 girls I have nailed, she was by far the easiest to finish, by FAR… I'm talking I am just breathing on her neck and she's already c*mming so hard that I had her face buried in a pillow because her mom was sleeping upstairs. I ripped her pajamas and panties off and she was wetter than somebody who jumped in the lake with a hoodie on. I am pretty confident in bed but I figured she had to have been on ecstasy or something the way she was moaning, turns out she had lost her V-card in the hot tub about 30 minutes prior.

So I railed her one more time, blew my load in her mouth and went to sleep almost immediately. To this day that ranks as the single best sexual experience of my life. Probably wouldn't be able to pull that off again if I tried, but I most certainly am not complaining!

This next one coincidentally also involves  foursome and comes to us all the way from Montana. 

So I will start this story off by saying I went to a small high school in Montana with a total student body of around six hundred people and being that there was a lack of things to do in our town, and state for that matter, the girls were all dropping their panties by the time they got there from middle school. I’m not complaining at all and will say high school in Montana had just as much, if not more, partying and debauchery as college, which is actually why I had a hand up on most kids my freshmen year of college by not waking up in ditches or slamming fatties!

I was also fortunate enough to be allowed to live in my parents’ guest home (Mother-in-Law suite) behind the house above the garage, which made sneaking out at night and having parties at my place a very simple task. Unless, of course, my mother decided to bring over after school sandwiches and lemonade for us to enjoy, which she did on occasion because she was a f*cking awesome mother. But I’ll get back to in a minute!

It was my senior year of high school and I had just broken up with my girlfriend of a year and I was taking full advantage of trying to land one of the many willing freshmen girls who thought we were kings because we could find beer, throw parties, and knew the ropes of getting down and dirty. So one of my best friends and I convinced two very attractive slam pieces (that both had boyfriends at the time) to come over to my garage apartment after school to play drinking games and hang out. They were eager and decided to meet us at my place right after school to have a little fun!

After school, my buddy and I went to my crib and walked through my parents house to scout out the situation to find my mom at home doing whatever it was she was doing and told her that our friends were going to come over to my place to watch a movie and study. She said “Oh how fun, let me know if you boys need anything!”

Soon after the girls arrived, and started throwing beers back like they hadn’t had a sip of fluid in days, the drinking games began! To make a long story short we had them making out, dropping clothes and by the end they were both switching off giving us knobbers on the same sofa high fiving each other like we had just pulled off a great feat even though this scenario was obviously inevitable (not-so-humble-brag).

About 5 minutes into our comical using of these two dumb slam pieces, sucking away drunk at us while we were still high fiving with giant smirks on our faces the front door swung open an lo and behold my mother is standing in the doorway holding a tray of sandwiches and a pitcher of lemonade for an after school snack surprise! Once she got a grasp on this twisted foursome going down with the two she screamed “Oh My God!” and dropped the sandwiches on the floor and slammed the door shut and took out of there!

The girls both jumped up freaking out, saying they had to leave because they didn’t’ want to get in trouble. Meanwhile, we tried to coax them to stay and finish the job. They didn’t go for that idea and they took off out the side yard. Then my buddy and I went inside the house to console my mother. My friend asked if she had more sandwiches like nothing had happened and she said “Shame on you boys for taking advantage of those young little girls” to which I said, “Mom, I’m sorry. it wasn’t what it looked like” but then my friend, while eating his sandwich, responded “What? They are just some stupid sluts not a bid deal!”  Ahhhh…to be young again.

And finally…

So it was the last day of my semester and some friends were throwing a huge party to celebrate. I started drinking early in the afternoon and was practically a zombie by the time we went out. So the following is the pieces that I remember along with what I was filled in on in the following days.

Anyway, I ran into a girl I'd met at a bar a few weeks earlier. We talk and I slip into a blackout. Apparently, we were tearing up the dance floor and by “tearing up the dance floor” I mean drunkenly stumbling into everyone making complete asses of ourselves. The next thing I know I'm walking across campus with this girl to her sorority house.

We get in the house and are headed to her room when she pushes me into the bathroom and tells me to hide (apparently national rules against guys in the house at night). I'm not sure what’s going on but we end up in a stall together and someone else comes into the bathroom. All of a sudden this girl I’m with proceeds to drop trough and take a piss. Normally, this would repulse me, but being this drunk I do what seemed natural…whipped my cock out and put it in her mouth.

I have no clue where this move came from but my buddies now refer to it as the “reverse blumpkin.”

After a few minutes of face-f*cking this girl, we stumble to our room and proceed to f*ck. I blacked out again mid session. The next thing I know it’s the morning, I'm in her bed wearing only my socks and everything that’s touching my body is f*cking soaking wet.

She wakes up and inquires why it’s wet. I insist it wasn't me and tell her I never piss the bed. She accepts that it was her, I gather my stuff, and I get the f*ck out. I really thought it wasn't me until I went about 4 hours that day without having to pee and realized the only way that would have been possible with the amount I drank is if I'd been the bed wetter. That's what she gets: she pisses in front of me, so I piss all over her. 

Yep, a fair and totally reasonable trade-off.

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