These Hotels Are In Hot Water For Secretly Taping Their Guests Having Sex And Selling The Footage Online

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From a completely immoral standpoint, it makes sense. Porn generates millions of dollars a year, and if you can manage to get your hands on some hot voyeur videos for free and then sell them at a profit – well, who wouldn’t? If you’re a pervy asshole, that is. Six bucks says all the videos they’ve sold are just limp-dick couples who flop around on each other in the missionary position for a few minutes and then throw some paper towels around to clean up. I bet all the good stuff is on reserve for the hotel owners. Sharing is caring, but go fuck yourself I found this freaky DP stuff first.

Luckily for all us Americans/Canadians/Blokes over in the UK, the hotels that are reportedly churning a profit off of your homemade sex tapes are in Africa. Whoo!

A whistleblower says holiday lodges and hotels are rigged with recording equipment which is making tapes for sale.

Couples having sex in their hotel rooms are secretly being recorded with the footage ending up online, an ex-staff member claims.

The practice has been exposed by a former employee at a lodge in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, who claims it’s more regular than just a one-off.

The unnamed man reportedly told My Zimbabwe that it’s been known to be more common in the capital Harare, but that it’s recently happening more in Bulawayo lodges and cheap hotels.(via)

According to the whistleblower, the idea originated from Nigerian business people who install hidden camera equipment in the hotel rooms, tape you and the missus goin’ at it, and then sell the footage at about $715 a pop for a week’s worth of video. None the wiser, you leave the hotel thinking about the relaxing vacation you just had when in reality you’ve become the new Mia Khalifa overnight.

Sex workers are supposedly “in on it” too and whip out all the tricks in the book when they know they’re being filmed in order to jack up the price of the footage. The next time you’re in Africa and the hooker you’ve bought (rented? Paid?) goes above and beyond her call of duty, you know what’s up.

[H/T Mirror]

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