These Are The 15 Hottest First Names From Each Gender That People Swipe Right The Most For



Ever wonder how hot your name is? Yeah, I haven’t either. Primarily because my name is Jason and like 20% of guys born in the 80s were named Jason. I’m not exactly working with the hottest and most exotic name under the sun. But that said, it is surprising to see how many of the so-called Hottest Names on Dating Apps (from dating app, TheGrade) are just normal names, like Brett and Brooke. Mundane as shit.

What isn’t surprising, however, is when you look at these numbers, you will also notice that guys are way bigger hornballs than chicks. Every female name out in the Top 60 of this list has a 50% swipe rate. Meanwhile, the most swiped guy name only has a 24% swipe rate and the poor slob sitting at 60th is getting a mesley 13%. More on that in a second. Now check out the 15 hottest names for each gender.

Are you ready to see some bullshit, though? Look at where Jason falls on the hotlist. Number 106. Below Richard and just above Dennis and Chad. Fucking CHAD is only one percentage point grosser than me? How could this have happened?


What a motley crew of names and, somehow, Jason – a perfectly good name with a few scalding hot dudes who have it (points to self)  — is stuck living with this gaggle of losers. I should just swallow a live grenade right now.

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