How Do Computers Find Websites So Quickly?

by 11 months ago

Do you ever stop and think of how amazing the internet is? You have instant access to all of mankind’s knowledge and all the dank memes with the click of the mouse. Do you ever wonder how do computers find websites so quickly? In less than three seconds you can get to some of your favorite sites such as for bait and tackle for fishing or to see who represents major talent in the entertainment industry or where you can find the finest quality custom pens. But how do computers find the site you want out of over 1.2 million websites, then communicate to the desired website and then beam it back to your computer in a blink of an eye? The good folks over at the TED-Ed YouTube channel created this informative animated video that breaks down how computers get to websites in such blazing fast speed.

The author of the video stressed that “this video is not describing all of internet routing, but rather how a very specific problem that has been addressed, of storing Internet addresses in a way that makes them easy and fast to look up later, in certain contexts” and “there are other aspects to Internet communication, such as your connection speed, which are not what we address in this video.”

So get your learn on so you can appreciate how rapidly your PC connects to so you can calibrate your data loggers.

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