How Guys Take a Dump Vs. How Girls Take a Dump Is Spot On


Well, I assume it’s spot on. I don’t really know the shitting patterns or mid-heat actions of anyone else but me. And I haven’t spent any time in a shitter when a girl was cutting turd, but living with a chick for the last four years has provided me with the uncanny and useful talent of being able to smell Frebreze from 100 yards away. It’s also forced me to come up with thousands of creative reason why that Frebreze was sprayed just scant moments before I entered the bathroom. “Oh, how thoughtful. She spent the last 25-minutes in here running the sink water and trying to make it smell good because she knows I like pissing in a lavender-scented environment and that I require a really clean sink for the post-piss hand-washing I never do. This broad is all class. Love her.”

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