How Your Texting Etiquette Affects Your Game

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The truth is that the babe who is blowing up your phone is feeling a bit insecure about where she stands with you. Getting no response sends her into panic mode and she feels compelled to follow-up her initial text to make sure you haven’t forgotten about her, or died. Her incessant texting is really a cry for attention. Pathetic? Maybe a little but throw the betch a bone. In all honesty, you get insecure sometimes too. For example: Don’t deny that you’ve texting a girl before just to see how quickly she writes back. What was the point in doing that? You were testing the waters to make sure she’s still into you. There’s no shame or judgment in that, we all need a little affirmation sometimes.

“Once I hit 'send' I'll be drowning in pussy”

Here are a few responses that will satisfy her but will successfully end the conversation.

• “Hey, I’m crazy busy at work but look forward to talking to you later. Hope your days going well!”
• “I’m out with the guys right now but am definitely interested in seeing you later. 😉 Have fun tonight.”
• “Was just thinking about you! Can’t talk now but can’t wait to see you this weekend.”

All of the above make her feel special without committing you into a never ending saga of back and forth texting. Try and refrain from responding with these:

• “Can’t talk”
• “Lol”
• “Yeah/yea/ya”
• “Haha”
• “k.”

The dreaded “k” is the worst. The the single letter k when sent via text message translates directly to “f*ck off.” K is the only letter in the alphabet that is dripping with disdain. If you purposely chose to send that alarming single-lettered text through because you didn’t know what else to say expect a little backlash. Your message will be received in a negative tone whether you wanted it to or not. Try “I’m not sure how to answer that” or “Don’t know what to say” when you’re unsure of how to respond. ANYTHING but K. Use your words!

Another word of advice is to set a standard and try not to stray from it. The unfortunate never-ending texting may be something you unknowingly started. If you ever texted her for a long time out of boredom she may have believed that to be the texting tone and ran with it. Nip that in the bud by being honest and telling her that texting isn’t your main form of communication.

If you’re willing to put in a little legwork before your trip to pound town try upping your texting game. Ask her about her day or bring up something funny you guys had recently talked about. Girls love to talk about themselves and love when you make them laugh. Hang around for a bit to make conversation but then end it first to leave her wanting more. One of my good friends is a communication master. He’s suave, charming and funny and gives each of his ladies the attention they crave through every form of communication. He calls, texts, Facebook IMs and Snapchats them throughout the day to make them feel special and one-of-a-kind. Even though the reality is that they are actually one of three, four or maybe more. I’ve lost count.

The point is that sending a text here and there will ultimately help you get it in. Plus if you catch her while she’s feeling frisky it could turn to sexting and that’s always a good time for you and your right hand.

Xo, McKenzie

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