Need Help Breaking Your Phone Addiction? Here’s One Way To Do It, According To Science

how to break your phone addiction


Do you spend hours looking at your phone every day? Don’t lie. According to Gallup, 72 percent of smartphone users check their phone every hour. It’s just become one of those things we do and honestly, we probably don’t even realize it half the time.

So how do you stop this mindless addiction? Or at the very least reduce the amount of time you waste looking at your phone every day?

According to science, a lot of it has to do with all of the notifications we get. You see, almost all of them are the color red. Red stimulates the brain and is at least partly responsible for why we keep looking. The people who create these notification know this, the evil bastards.

So, as James Hamblin from The Atlantic tells us in the video below, there is one way to curb your phone desires and that is to turn your phone completely into greyscale mode.

Hamblin also says that when people see his phone that they ask him if it’s broken. In reality, it’s not broken at all. In fact, it’s actually made him more productive. So his phone is not only NOT broken, it’s actually working better, at least from a personal productivity standpoint.

Check out the rest of what he has to say below and you too might be on your way to breaking that nasty phone addiction…

Or… you could just invite this southern mom over and she can shoot your phone with a gun. One of those things…

Photo: Denys Prykhodov /

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