10 Ways To Correctly “Do” Foreplay, By Adult Film Star Tasha Reign

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Believe it or not… I love sex

However, I do not get a ton of action off-camera, for the following reasons:

1. I am selective.

2. I do it for work, so I’m not in desperate need of it.

3. I do not have a boyfriend (single and looking, though).

I do, however, know that when I DO decide to part take in the act, I want to make it special, intimate, fulfilling, romantic, and sometimes just really full of orgasms. Want to know how I make sure this happens every time? I lead, obviously, and most importantly, I implement foreplay (which reminds me – I used to strip at a club called “4PLAY” in Westwood, but that’s a story for another time…).

Here are some fab tips and tricks for you, from me, about what the ladies want / expect / wish / demand / lust / desire…. when it comes to foreplay in the bedroom (wherever your actively fucking):

1.The massage.  I put this at the very top of the list, because it is my truly, absolutely, most favorite part of the whole escapade. Massages can be so hot, sexy, romantic, sensual, and just a plain turn on! I genuinely would bang a female massage therapist that I’m not psychically attracted to, just because she gives a good massage. Seriously. And by “bang,” I mean she could even go down on me. I just love massages, and want to express to my Bro’s how a simple massage could turn into the best sex of your life. A tip: remember her upper thighs… those are the best parts!

2. Kissing!  I love kissing – fresh breath and tongue, on my neck and all over my body – kissing is the perfect lead-in to feeling up and down her body. Getting her wet, with your cock hard, and teasing the fuck out of each other…so HOT. Just remember: fresh breath is ALWAYS appreciated.

3. Setting the mood. Ultimately, any place you want to fuck can probably be accommodated, aside from the really illegal places… and any place can be set up to be a real sexy area, but the trick for me is in the pre-planning. Everything in life is smoother with a game plan, right? The other day, I cleared my hotel furniture and attempted to fuck on the windowsill. It could have backfired, but the attempt is what counted, and planning helped a lot before we even got started! So – try to make the location of the sex fun, frisky, and hot. Use candles and lighting, scents and music, decor or none at all – just think about how the place makes you feel, and how it will make her feel, and increase it with your senses so the kind of sex you have is inspired by the mood you’ve set.

4. Conversation. Sounds so simple, but a great interaction with someone, a real intellectual talk, even a spiritual one, or even a fun and playful banter, can change the way I see an individual. Try to not be too full of yourself – and make sure to ask her lots of questions about herself. People love to talk about themselves, don’t you? Having a hard time breaking the ice? Knowing a little about what’s going on in the world, or in pop culture, or having common likes and dislikes, can really help to spark interest.

5. Titty play. Boobs can be ultra sensitive; I know mine are! Lots of attention to my tits is always appreciated, and makes a woman feel really sexually desired, so make sure to touch them and caress them, suck them, and lick them – and of course if foreplay goes accordingly… TITTY FUCK them! Of course, tread carefully – some girls get annoyed if they’re not turned on before titty play, so if she seems like that kind of girl, maybe start with something else to get her warmed up before attacking the tits.

6.  Butt play. It’s not for the weak of heart. I’m only kidding in my case – that’s totally a turn on to me, and I don’t mean just anal sex. I mean you can softly or roughly grab my ass, kiss it, lick it, and anally rim it. I love a man to want to eat my ass out, with his tongue deep inside me. Is that too much info?

7.Play with that clitoris. Start just over the top of, twirl it around, and listen to her moans to see what she’s into. Make sure you’re not going too hard, by asking her how she likes it. Kiss her when you’re playing with her clit, and look into her eyes, and touch her neck with your mouth. This can all lead to an orgasm, with absolutely no sex…and she’ll thank you for it!

8.Finger that pussy. All this action has got her soaking wet by now – at least mine would be. So slip your clean fingers deep inside of her, and bang her, nice and slow, and then speed it up. Make sure she is okay with this – you can move up to 2 fingers or more, which can be really fun as well.

9. Spanking. My personal fetish can get a certain type of woman in the mood to play dirty, and I mean real dirty. Make sure you test it out first though – start softly, and see if she’s into it. If she’s not into it, do not continue. But more than likely she is, and you should absolutely try to “punish” her to the extent that she is comfortable. This is about turning HER on, not hurting her! 🙂

10. Pussy licking. My personal favorite and most important part!  If she’s nervous, keep working at it to convince her to love it. If she’s going to have sex with you, how could she not, right? Some girls are very insecure about their girl parts, and need a little extra confidence about how good they taste, and smell, and feel. Get your tongue and face up in there, and be the man I know you are – eat her out properly!

11. Make her cum. The end.



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