How to Deal with a Chick Who Has Body Hair

by 8 years ago

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My best friend recently met a really hot babe. They're into all the same stuff; she likes good music and she even loves smoking up but recently we discovered a photo in which she has some serious armpit hair. Does this mean it's game over? Does he tell her to shave? Or does he see how it feels and then decide?

Chayke Plummer

Yo Dude,

It is tragic that I can't post this picture because that chick's arm bush is more fierce and less manicured than most men. The shit is starting to wrap itself around her arm. You've got to wonder where the f*ck her mother was when she went through puberty. I mean, damn. You sure this is your “best friend's girl?”

There are a few hair situations that you can probably overlook or bring to her attention and hope she changes it, but this isn't one of them. That isn't some stubble from her shaving 2 days ago. There was a concentrated effort in growing that and she certainty isn't naive to the fact that it is there. Body hair on broads is generally considered disgusting in this country, but like I said, if you really like a girl, you can overlook some things — a light blond mustache, for example — until you know her well enough to bring it up in a playful, “How about you finally shave that f*cking 'stashe?” manner.

This is a red flag. You don't start a relationship with a chick who has a f*ckin' shrub in her pit, old-man eyebrows, or hairy legs. You just don't, because what do those things say about her? They say that if she takes this level of care on things people can see, then her vag*na probably looks like a Vietnamese jungle.

In summary, tell your buddy to scrap this broad and find a girl who not only respects herself but the eyes of the viewing public.


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