How to Get Your Girlfriend To Agree To A Threesome, According to a Girl

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Trying to get your girl to go for a threesome can be about as simple as negotiating peace in the Middle East. After dating for a long time, it’s easy for couples to fall into a predictable routine and sometimes it feels like vanilla sex is the only thing on the menu. Boring. That being said, you are trying to get your girlfriend to make the leap from vanilla to rocky road. Try easing into it by introducing more adventurous ways to get her off. Luckily for you, every girl and her mom have read Fifty Shades of Grey which gets into kinky, submissive, dominating sex. And it’s hot as hell. Next time you two are hooking up, tie her hands to the headboard with one of your ties. Blindfold her. Bring a vibrator to bed. Get crazy. Afterwards tell your girlfriend that you’ve wanted to do that for a while and then ask her about her sexual fantasies. This is where the threesome proposition comes in.

Make it about her.
You have to be smart about how you introduce the idea. Even if you’re 100% attracted to and in love with your girl, the majority of women will get insecure and think that they’re not enough for you. You can avoid all the drama by making it clear that you love having sex with her and just want to try more things together. It’s also a good idea to put the focus on her. Tell her that the idea of her touching and being touched by another woman drives you crazy. If she feels that you see her as the star and the other girl as just a supporting role she will be more receptive.

Promise her that she’ll get to call all the shots.
She says who, when and where. Even if you had her smokeshow best friend in mind, keep that to yourself. If you suggest one of her friends she may think that you’ve always fantasized about that friend causing unnecessary jealousy and trust issues. If you suggest one of your friends, a girl from work etc. she may get jealous in the future if you are spending time with that person. Just let her choose, and cross your fingers for the smokeshow.

Don’t push her.
Once you’ve both discussed it tell her to take some time to think about it. You and your dick don’t need an answer that minute. If you’re not demanding about it and let her make the decision on her own, your girlfriend will be way more likely to seriously consider it. Keep in mind that threesomes aren’t for everyone. Maybe the idea of having another girl’s head in between her legs is a bit much for your girlfriend to handle. Maybe it disgusts her. If she says no, don’t bring it up again. Evaluate your relationship to make sure that all your needs are being met. If you love her and only thought of this as something fun to try then you’re fine. But if you were looking for a threesome because you’re truly dissatisfied with your sex life, maybe you need a girl with a similar sex drive and willingness to experiment.

Good luck, and one last tip.. If you get her to agree, don’t get wasted the night of. If you find yourself in a room with two girls hungrily waiting for you to join them in bed and you can’t get hard, you are a failure as a man.

Xo, McKenzie

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