How to Make Quickies Satisfying For Her As Well

In most cases, quickies are fun for us guys… but for women?

Women usually get left high and dry during quickies.

While some women are natural “pleasers”, and will put up with quick, gratification for you alone, most women are not so giving, and will pull the plug on the quick sex at some point in time.

If you’re not willing to put in the work to get her off, she may not be so obliged to give you that morning session right before work.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be getting a woman off in under 5 minutes on a regular basis.

Get In Her Mind, Get Her Off Quicker

I once saw a documentary on TLC where a woman was able to get herself off with thought alone… no physical stimulation whatsoever.

In a lab setting, scientists studied her brain waves, and she was indeed “thinking herself off”. This shows how powerful of a role a woman’s mind has on her orgasm.

Get in her mind, and build up the anticipation before you even begin foreplay… text her while at work, telling her what you want to do to her in detail. And don’t stop during foreplay, and actual sex… keep the words flowing, get into a back and forth, and getting her past the finish line will be much easier.

Know That The Clitoris Is Key To Her Orgasm

The clit is what you want to concentrate on if you want to get her off… the more concentrated stimulation on the clit, the quicker her orgasm. Men mistakenly think they need to bang away like they see in porn… this won’t get her off… at least not for a long time.

Start with Some Oral Action On Her

Women find oral sex very arousing. Combined with some dirty talk, going down on her with your tongue allows you to add some well-controlled stimulation to the clit, with stimulation that feels very good for her.

Once she starts putting her pelvis into your face, grabbing behind your head, gyrating around, then she’s ready for you to enter her. Eating her out properly (like with this technique), ensures that she’ll be in the “red zone” in just a couple of minutes.

(Note: something else you can do is an “oral exchange”… you get her off one day, she gets you off the next… follow the above technique, and you’ll bring her to complete climax within the quickie time frame).

Once Pelvis Movement Occurs, Go In For The Finish

Once your oral stimulation has her pulling your head into her, gyrating, or moaning a little more “aggressively”, dive in with the killer stroke. Penetrate her with a swift rubbing / grinding pressure on her clit (using your lower pelvis to add this stimulation), and don’t let up the pressure on the in- and out-stroke.

Ever see how she rides herself to orgasm when SHE’s on top? Repeat this motion when YOU’RE on top…

Or let her get herself off!

Most women, if on top and at this stage of arousal, will get themselves off in no time! And don’t leave out the extracurriculars… play with her erogenous zones (just ask her what she likes) at the same time, and it’s like putting your foot on the accelerator towards her orgasm!

Two Happy Customers, Instead of One

Follow these guidelines, and both of you will have had an orgasm, and she will now look forward to these quick sex sessions, rather than hitting you with a “not now, babe…”. Repeat tomorrow, keep the relationship exciting, boost your manly self-esteem and keep your lady happy!