1970’s Book ‘How to Pick Up Girls’ Goes From Zero to Rape on the Very First Page

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You’re a guy. A regular fucking Joe.  And like every other Joe, when you see the girl of your fucking dreams sauntering down the street you begin to think thoughts. Thoughts about how to make her yours. Thoughts about how she would be the girl to make you an honest man. Thoughts about how you wouldn’t last more than two pumps inside her angelic, heavily scented yum zone. But if you are Eric Weber, the author of 1970s book How to Pick Up Girls, you have OTHER thoughts…

Here is how his book  How to Pick Up Girls begins…

Has this tragedy ever happened to you?

You’re walking down the street. Minding your own business. Wondering how you’re going to meet the next payment on your car. And suddenly you spot a girl.

Not just an ordinary girl. Not just a fantastic girl. But the girl — someone so absolutely sexy, so o downright sexy, you actually find yourself running to catch up with her.

Yes, that has happened to me! Well, except for the car payment thing. I’m terrific with personal finances. But please continue.

You’ve got to see more of her long legs. Her fine rounded breasts. Her high, firm behind. For an instant you even consider rape.

Whoa. Yeah. No. You and I have nothing in common, Eric Weber.

[H/T: Imgur, For more on this book, go here.]

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