How To Run In The Rain Without Falling Flat On Your Face

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Sometimes you just need to get outside and workout. Unfortunately, Mother Nature isn’t being cooperative (let’s refrain from calling her a bitch) and the rain is coming down at a steady pace.

Stay inside? Hit the treadmill? How about you grow a set and go for a nice little run in the rain. If you do though, do it correctly so you don’t injury yourself or fall flat on your face on a busy street.

GQ has some suggestions for running in the crap weather this winter. They enlisted the help of Greg Metcalf, head coach of the University of Washington’s running program. He suggests staying hydrated (because even though you’re running in water, it doesn’t mean you’re drinking it), stripping off all your wet gear immediately and the proper way to put your foot down. The biggest takeaway though is the common misconception of putting on several layers. That’s actually a bad idea.

Wear fewer clothes (but smarter clothes)

“A lot of people think you need to layer up more when it’s raining out,” Metcalf says, “but that’s not the case. You actually want to wear less clothes than you’d think.” Especially if those clothes happen to be cotton, which will act like a sponge and weigh you down in the rain, no matter how many layers you put on. Opt instead for lighter, moisture-wicking fabrics from the hat on your head—which should have a brim to keep water out of your eyes—to the shoes and socks on your toes. “Brooks makes a great trail shoe, and the Nike Wildhorse or Kiger are great running shoes in the rain. The technology changes every year, but there are lots of great options out there.”

So next time the heavens open up before your run, just go for it. A little water never hurt anyone. Unless you’re counting drowning victims.

[via GQ]

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