How To Say Hello To A Woman: A Hilarious, Somewhat Helpful Tutorial

Comedian Robbie Sherrard realized that he didn’t know how to properly say hello to a woman anymore. This is something many of us men have faced lately.

“Men I understand. Chin up if you know ’em, chin down if you don’t, overhand shake for friends, hugs for family members, [fist] pounds for children, handshakes for everybody else. It’s pretty simple. But with women, I mean I don’t know what I’m doing out there. Women all seem to hug each other. Is that my protocol as well?”

So to help solve this dilemma he put together this insightful video along with a very handy chart (below).

If only, as he mentions at the end, there was an app for this whole “saying hello to a woman” thing. Life would be so much easier.