The US Navy Made A Training Film For Picking Up Chicks Called ‘How to Succeed with Brunettes’


Apparently back in the 1960s, the US Navy was making instructional films for officers and seamen knowing their manners. This training film from 1967 is called “How to Succeed with Brunettes” and it features some pretty salient advice on being a polite, upstanding gentleman on a night out with your lady. Consider it a crash course in impressing a lady by minding your manners, gentlemen. This advice is smooth.

The advice is the type of thing your father and grandfather teach you as a young man. But it sort of has me wondering why the US Navy was busy making instructional videos on being a smooth Don Draper when they were fighting a war in Vietnam. Etiquette is important and all, but did those resources *really* need to go to something like this? Am I a dick for thinking this is a weird use of military resources?