Hulk Hogan is Upset You Watched His Sex Tape

by 6 years ago

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The Best Wrestler Ever appeared on the “Today Show” this morning to talk about his recent starring role in a widely circulated sex tape.

“It's just something that has devastated me and totally … I've never been on something on this level,” he told them.

According to Hogan (actual name: Terry Bollea), he was at a “friend's house” when the incident occurred, and “I had no idea there was a camera in the room.”

Things weren't going so great for the mustachioed wrestler back then; he admitted he was at a “very low point” when he was filmed without his knowledge, but added, “I'm not making excuses, I'm accountable, I was the guy, I was there, I made the choice.”

God, can’t a guy perform cunnilingus on Bubba the Love Sponge’s wife with another dude in the room in peace? What has this country come to?

But don’t you worry about Hulk. He’s a fighter.

Added Hogan, he's not taking this lying down: “I'm going full-blown to try to find out who did this to me and why and what's the motivation,” he said.

That said, he's in a better frame of mind than he was six years ago — currently in “transition from the world's greatest wrestler to maybe the world's greatest beach bum a la surfer.”


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