Hungover Bro Gets Woken Up By A Chorus Of Singing Norwegian Assholes

by 5 years ago

I genuinely feel bad for this man. I once had a roommate who loved to bang on my door at 9AM on Saturday mornings to wake me up after a night out. I usually would just walk to the bathroom in my underwear, take a piss, then tell him to fuck off before sleeping for another two hours. No one messes with my sleep.

No one deserves to be waken up from a booze-induced slumber by a loud chorus of singing Norwegian men. That’s a brutal way to wake up.

Then again, maybe he shouldn’t have passed out in a town’s square. Kinda had it coming to him. This guy really should chill with trying to pretend like he’s Bob Marley or Mr. Jones-era Adam Duritz (those dreads!) and get his life together.

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