Mmmmmmmmm Good: Hungry Woman Helps Herself to Mother’s Thumb

by 5 years ago

A Pennsylvania woman bit off the tip of her mother's thumb — and may have eaten it — during a bathtub brawl earlier this week, police said.

Cops called the assault in Upper Darby a case of “domestic cannibalism.”

Kirstie L. Foley, 21, was nabbed hiding out at her sister's place Wednesday night, three days after the alleged flesh-eating attack occurred, the Daily Times of Delaware County reported.

Cops say Foley took several bites out of her 42-year-old mom while the mom was soaking in the tub at the apartment they shared sometime before midnight Sunday.

The two were likely arguing before the grisly incident and will probably now have a hard time exchanging gifts without extreme awkwardness.

[H/T: New York Daily News]


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