Husband Caught On Video By Brother-In-Law Cheating On Wife By Having Sex In Publicly Parked Car With Random Woman

by 2 years ago

Of all the places to cheat on your wife, you’d think that the last spot you’d pick would be a publicly parked car. To be fair to our busted husband, it’s not like he was getting randy in the middle of a Sears parking lot, but there’s also at least 5,000 better places he could’ve picked. Motels, hotels, your own friggin’ house when no one is home — all better locations, none of them even considered.

And the fact that this guy doesn’t get his ass whooped by the brother-in-law just goes to show what a fucking pussy the BIL is. If I caught my sister-in-law cheating on my brother I’d grab the nearest blunt object and see how much force is required to crush her skull. JUST KIDDING! I was 100% kidding about that, and this paragraph is NOT admissible evidence in a court of law should that ever hypothetically happen.