New App Shows You Exactly What Your Face Will Look Like If You Get Addicted To Meth

This couple in rural Victoria have created an app called Ice Effex. You take a selfie and it shows the devastation of the drug on your appearance

Ice Effex is a new app aimed at showing you exactly what your pretty little face will look like if you suddenly start making the poorest decisions possible and find yourself addicted to meth.

Over the years, we have covered a lot of meth-related stories; just yesterday we posted the hot mugshot of a meth addict who was arrested for the first time. As anyone worth their salt in meth knowledge knows, the first mugshot is always the hottest. As the years pass and more and more meth is ingested, your once decent-looking face begins to look as though you allow Dick Cheney to blast you with birdshot on the reg. It’s human decay at it’s finest.

But, in case you didn’t know that meth will turn your face (AND YOUR LIFE!) to complete and utter shit — or if you just want to laugh at what it would do to you since you will never do meth because you’re not an idiot — Ice Effex is here to help you out. You simply download the app, take a selfie and watch as the years of meth abuse wash over your once precious face.



According to Metro

Australian couple, Haydn Cooke and Trinity Lonel, who saw use of the drug – known as ‘ice’ Down Under – rocket in their area.

Mr Cooke said, ‘ ‘I see the devastation that ice has on families, not just the individual but families and communities.’

‘And the cost financially, emotionally, physically, psychologically on individuals, families and communities.’

If these people wanted this to look a little more realistic, maybe they should add some flare and differentiation to the outcomes. I mean, surely every meth head doesn’t have that same gigantic, cigarette burn of a hole under their left eye. Also, you need to fuck up their hair, too. And their clothes. People with meth divots all over their face don’t spend money on personal hygiene. They spend it on meth. And cartons of cigs to put out on their own face. DUH.

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