This Is What The ‘Ideal’ Woman’s Body Type Looks Like In 18 Countries, According To An Online Photoshop Project

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Super fascinating project over at a website called It falls on our radar this afternoon via The Huffington Post. In order to show how different cultures around the world perceive “ideal” body image VERY differently, they sent graphic designers in 18 countries the exact same image of a woman. They then asked the designers to Photoshop her into the “perfect” woman. A few important variables before checking out the results:

1. The designers were mostly women. Via:

We focused on female designers, as we wanted a woman’s view of what her culture finds attractive and to understand more about the pressures they face. However, in order to get entries from more countries, we accepted contributions from four men with the caveat that they first seek input from women and base their design changes on this feedback.

2. They actually ran into some issues because of “how much skin was shown” on the model, who’s pretty tame compared to any given day on a Kardashian Instagram account. Via:

We used three designers from international locales with whom we were already acquainted, but most of the artists featured were contracted via freelance job boards. We attempted to get as wide a spread as possible across the world, but many countries are poorly represented on these job boards, particularly when it comes to female designers. We also had issues finding interested artists in some countries due to the amount of skin shown on the model.

3. They calculated an average weight and BMI based on the artist renderings.  The USA weight comes in close to the mean at 128.

Scroll down for the images below, via… Which one does it for you, Bros?

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