These Identical Twins Share One Boyfriend, Because That’s Not Weird As Shit Or Anything

by 3 years ago

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are not your average pair of identical twins. They do everything together. They live one life. Most identical twins will co-exist as kids and then they eventually branch out to become their own person. Not these broads. They basically share a brain and they are literally still doing everything together. Even dudes.

When you see a story like this and the girls have clearly gone under the knife a thousand times, you start to make assumptions. Because let’s be honest, they are starting to look like blow up dolls and they are fucking the same dude without thinking anything about that situation is at all peculiar. However, after doing some digging to figure out how they make money, I was SHOCKED to learn that they have an extremely normal and noble job. They work in a nursing home. Mind blown.

Unsurprisingly, what I also learned through my internetting, is not only do they share a boyfriend, they also share the same outfit. All day, every day.

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