This Iguana Has Zero Chill, Goes Medieval And Saws Through A Stuffed Toy Like Butter

by 2 years ago

When I was a kid I pretty much had every pet that you could ever think of. I had snakes (red rat snakes, Colombian Red Tail Boas), I had all sorts of birds (cockatiels, love birds, parakeets), I had dogs (Irish Terriers, Labradors), turtles, fish, and I had cats. I had a terrarium with a pacman frog that weighed something like two pounds, and my frog would feed on live mice (you can see pics of pacman frogs here), I think throughout my childhood I had something like 10 rabbits as pets (they’d always get loose and eaten by the owls), and of course, I had lizards. My parents let me have chameleons, uromastyx (they’re basically living dinosaurs), and to wrap this up I also had iguanas (two to be exact).

At no point in my childhood do I EVER remember one of my pets going as savage as the iguana did in the video above. Not the snakes, frogs, turtles, dogs, birds, the cats would sometimes bring home dead animals to the front doorstep but that’s what cats do…and I definitely don’t remember my iguanas being crazy at all. In fact they were probably some of the laziest pets I ever had. All they ever did was lounge around in their gigantic aquarium, moving tree to tree, plant to plant, and eating lettuce or whatever the hell it was they eat (this was a long time ago). So needless to say I was a little startled by that video above…

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