You’ve Never Seen Anyone Eat In-N-Out Burger Like This Savage Eats His In-N-Out Burger

Never in my life have I witnessed someone go so hard in the paint, regardless of their fast food destination. But if you’re going to go big anywhere, might as well be In-N-Out Burger. Just look at this savage! Four DOUBLE cheeseburgers, an order of fries, two soft drinks AND an XL milkshake solely for the purpose of…dumping it on the double cheeseburgers that he’s double fisting!?

I can’t even believe this ruthless dude took the time to tuck the grandma bib into his collar before going to town. Even further, I’m trying to figure out if this is a usual thing for him, or if he just closed some massive deal and this is how he celebrates, with a coronary exploding meal. Some guys buy nice watches, some guys go on vacation with their wives. This guy, he goes to In-N-Out Burger and orders 15,000 calories worth of food and stuffs it down his throat in the middle of the restaurant with zero regard for any human life, especially his own. Incredible.

Love the dedication and the “zero fucks given” attitude, but I have to call him out for the shake on the burgers (and all over his face).



I mean, everyone’s heard of dipping fries in milkshakes. That’s standard operating procedure so long as the milkshake is top-notch. But mixing in the red meat component? Nope, that’s where I draw the line.

Also, how remarkable is it that this guy isn’t even the fattest dude in the video? Man, I love the internet.

[h/t The Chive]