This Incredible Job Pays A $261,538 A Year Salary AND You Get To Live In A $5.2 Million Apartment FOR FREE

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Salaries in many New York City jobs are traditionally much higher than their Topeka, Kansas equivalents. Not to stereotype or anything, but there probably aren’t a lot of apartment complex managers in Topeka making over $250,000 a year. And there DEFINITELY aren’t any Topeka apartment complex managers making over$250,000 a year AND living rent-free in an apartment worth $5 million.

220 Central Park South is a massive, 65-floor residential development in Manhattan. It’s on a part of 58th Street that’s becoming known as “Billionaires Row” thanks to the world’s richest quickly snatching up ridiculous $10 – 40 million apartments in a series of new developments. The MASSIVE penthouse at the top of 220 Central Park South is estimated to sell for a — wait for it — $250 million, which is just an ABSURD price for… anything, much less a little piece of the sky south of Central Park.

The person managing this luxury building for the world’s super rich, meanwhile, will make a nice chunk of money themselves. DNA Info has released the salary and perk information of the building managers for the Billionaire Row condos, discovering that the person calling the shots at 220 Central Park will make over $250,000 and get free housing in a $5 million apartment. Hey — someone has to be around if a pipe breaks.

The resident manager at Vornado’s 220 Central Park South will live in a 1340-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath apartment with a walk-in closet and washer/dryer valued at $5,264,503, according to the condo’s offering plan. The salary: $261,538 a year, plus union benefits.

The rest of the jobs in other Billionaire Row towers start at $125,000 and include housing in multi-million dollar units.

Screw banking out on tech stock: Being a building supervisor is the new American Dream.

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