Indian Guy Astounded His Clothing Store Called ‘Hitler’ Isn’t Taking Off

by 8 years ago

An Indian clothing shop owner is pleading innocence this week after his store, called “Hitler,” outraged residents and drew strong criticism from the area's Jewish community in Vastrapur.

The storefront bears the name Hitler, in large letters, with a swastika dotting the 'i' in “dictator.”

According to AFP, the outlet, which opened 10 days ago in the western state of Gujarat, sells Western men's wear.

Proprietor Rajesh Shah told The Times of India that he had no idea the moniker would be controversial. “Hitler was a nickname given to my business partner Manish Chandani's grandfather because of his strict nature,” Shah said. “Frankly, till the time we applied for the trademark permission, I had only heard that Hitler was a strict man.

OK, perhaps Shah’s grasp of history is a little spotty. At least now he recognizes that he f*cked up and is going to make some changes, right?

No. Not so much.

Shah, who claims he spent 150,000 rupees ($2,700), on Hitler-themed advertising, said he would consider changing the name only if he is compensated for the money spent.

The balls on this guy. Who, exactly, does he think is going to pay him back his money?

Also, OF COURSE he’s wearing a gaudy Ed Hardy-like Mahatma Ghandi shirt.

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