Awesome Infographic Comically Contrasts ‘What I Pretend to Know’ and ‘What I Actually Know’

by 7 years ago

I've always felt that shameless displays of personal creativity on the internet should be treated with extreme caution in terms of deeming such material praiseworthy. This is most likely a strategy to make me accept the fact that all of my clearly genius tweets will never get too much heat, but this infographic is certainly an exception to my stupid made up rule.

Here, Slacktory editor Nick Douglas takes the stuff he actually knows and what he pretends to know to create a hilariously honest matrix exposing some of his flaws, which in turn are pretty much the same flaws all of us have. Lesson here is, as usual, is that us people are never close to as awesome as we think we are. 


[H/T: Daily]


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