Insane Lady Says Insane Anti-Gay Comments at City Council Hearing

by 6 years ago

Sometimes people believe in a cause with such undeniable passion that the become blind to all other points of view and end up sounding like a crazy person. This elderly woman from wanted to voice her very ludicrous, yet hysterical anti-gay opinions at a Lincoln City Council hearing in Nebraska. The council was reviewing a proposed LGBT protection ordinance when resident Jane Skrovota stepped to the mic and let her very biased, nonsensical beliefs fly. First off her lisp sounds like Daffy Duck, secondly her horrible mispronunciation of “intestines,” makes me wish she would just say “stomach” instead. She exposes the epidemic of gay men molesting boys at school, how Hilary Clinton avoided her gay roommate in college, and that Judas was a “homo.” If the wackadoo isn't enough entertainment for you, check out the guy in the black shirt behind her, he mocks the nutbag throughout the entire speech. For future Lincoln City Council hearings it's probably advisable that they not allow the mentally handicapped to participate.

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