This INSANE Lightning Bolt Will Make You Want To Listen To ‘Riders On The Storm’ On Repeat For Hours


Remember when you were a little kid and you were scared out of your britches of thunderstorms? Then you get older and you’re like “whoa, thunderstorms are BADASS” and completely hypnotized by them. There’s literally nothing more mesmerizing than (safely) watching the sky light up like a pinball machine, completely with some earth-shaking thunder that makes your heart skip a few beats.

That is, unless you’re my old co-worker Daryl. He got struck by lightning twice in two separate occasions while taking out the trash to a dumpster behind a restaurant we worked at. Hell of a nice guy, but getting struck by lighting twice in pretty much the same spot really shook his nerves. As a grown man, he isn’t quite as awe-struck by thunderstorms as me.

And now, here’s some Doors.