These 13 Insane Trucker Stories Show Just How Freaking Bizarre Life On The Open Road Can Be

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insane trucker stories


The life of an open-road trucker, while filled with a lot of monotony, also apparently has a few perks. That’s assuming you call see some of the weirdest people doing some of the weirdest shit imaginable perks. And I do. Because where else are you going to see crazyass shit like this? I know in my job there is zero chance of that and I could use a little more excitement in my life.

Sadly, for now, I will just have to live vicariously through the responses given to the question asked by Redditor MilkyShaking, “Truckers of Reddit, what’s the craziest, scariest, or most bizarre thing you have experienced on the road or at a truck stop?”

Had an RV crawl up alongside me once in Indiana. I have a habit of looking over when folks get up along side me to check and see if they are paying attention to the road or their phone or dozing off… Anyway, I glance over to see how old this couple in this rv may be. I was surprised to find the driver was maybe 30, tops. He looks over and smiles and as sure as God’s got sandals the next second later a young naked woman is bent over the passenger side of the dash and is being, um, acted upon by another young naked woman with what appears to be a horse shaped and sized dildo. Having seen this porno before, I clicked the cruise back a notch or two and let them go on. ~ KingOfSpeedSR71

I’m a truck driver. I had a hooker climb into my truck while I was sleeping. My truck’s passenger’s side door wasn’t locked as well as I thought. I’d been hit in a parking lot by another truck and it bent the door in a little. I tested the lock and it seemed to lock and unlock fine, but that turned out to be wrong. It was around 1am and in my sleep I sort of vaguely heard my door open, so I was already starting to wake up, then someone shook me by the shoulder. I jumped up and hit her in the face with my laptop, we got in this weird hair-pulling slap fight, and physically pushed/kicked her over the passenger’s seat and out the door onto the pavement. I stood there half awake blinking at her through the windshield when she jumped up, flashed me her boobs, flipped me off, and ran away. Went back to sleep. (Sort of)

Woke up an hour or so later with someone knocking on my door. It was the police. She called them and told them she was my girlfriend and I’d beat her up and thrown her out at a truck stop. I believe they were getting ready to handcuff me when a few drivers from other trucks came over to explain she’d been knocking on truck doors all night and was there most weekends either knocking on doors or trying to climb into unlocked trucks. The cops didn’t really say anything else to me, they just handcuffed her and drove away with her in the back.

Plot twist: I’m female and I look nothing like the stereotypical ideal of the manly female trucker. She looked like a greasy beach ball with dead caterpillars for eyebrows. ~ _McNugget

Not me but my dad. He was a career long-haul driver. The thing he said was the worst he’s ever seen was he was driving along some interstate when a mini-van cut off the truck in front of him. It’s been a few years since I heard the actual story, but I think it was like lost control due to weather or highway hypnosis somewhere out west. Killed the entire family, blood and body parts scattered across the freeway.

My dad had to physically restrain the other driver because after the shock set in he kept trying to run into traffic and kill himself. ~ Detached09

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