Parents Nagging You To Get an Internship? Wants You!

by 6 years ago, the premier destination for online adult entertainment, has put out a casting call to attract the brightest and most ambitious talent to apply for the site’s first ever social and digital media internship.

The solo role will involve communicating daily with the site’s global community, including temporarily hosting Pornhub TV, managing the Twitter account, appearing on Pornhub Radio, interviewing adult entertainment stars, writing blogs and working on other risqué social media initiatives. has nearly 33 million unique monthly visitors in the US alone while its entertaining and often raunchy Twitter feed has more than 147,000 followers.

Prospective interns have until the end of September to shoot off their applications through a customized landing page on the Pornhub site. The internship will run for several months and is designed to fit in with the winner’s other commitments, though we’re positive this will take top priority.

The intern will get a leg-up on the workforce competition by learning valuable work and life skills in the realm of social media management and broadcast reporting, as well as getting a real sense of what it takes to speak with celebrity personalities – or porn stars (you never know what you’ll learn from them).

So what are you waiting for? Get on the Pornhub site and tell us why you’re the best person for the adventurous position. Just make sure you keep it clean people, this is a professional industry!

For more information about an internship at Pornhub, or to speak with a representative, feel free to reach out at

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No clue if this is a paid internship or for college credit. Nor the actual location of the internship. In fact, the entire e-mail is pretty sketch on actual details. But, hey, I'm sure your parents will be proud when you tell them all about your new internship. I mean, what else are you going to do with that liberal arts degree?


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