The US Military Is Apparently Making Real-Life ‘Iron Man’ Suits

by 4 years ago


WAR MACHINE! Or, in this case, Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, will be ready for human testing in June, according to the head of US Special Operations Command, four-star Admiral William McRaven.

According to Foreign Policy:

“McRaven told a crowd at a special operations conference in Washington that they will be unpowered — meaning the days of super-soldier commandos wearing exoskeleton armor is still years away. Best-case scenario, the admiral wants the suit to be used in combat situations by August 2018.

“Still, the admiral said he already has seen ‘astounding results’ in the project. The prototypes in assembly now will be evaluated, with the results incorporated into the suits the US eventually wants to see on the battlefield.”

Here is a video of what the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit might look like in action. Fair warning: the video is not the best thing ever made.

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