Is Casual Sex Unhealthy? Science Says It Depends On How You Feel Immediately After Having It

by 2 years ago

Are you single? Do you fire your seed all over town in the general direction of anyone who willing to sleep with you? If so, are you immensely enjoying having casual sex or do you feel post-sex remorse once the morning comes?

According to science folk, how you feel after casual sex the main factor in whether or not it is healthy for you. Obviously this is all from a mentality standpoint. Physically speaking, it’s unhealthy if you’re fucking gross, diseased people. But you already know that. So keep that in mind when you think about how it makes you feel, because we all know that some mornings the only regret you’re feeling about casual sex is how you casually forgot to use protection. Whoops!

Assuming you did use protection, though, how does casual sex make you feel? Sad and angry with yourself? Or ALIVE, POWERFUL, and DESIRED BY ALL (or maybe just the 3’s that you keep taking home at last call)? The latter means that casual sex might be healthy for you, the former does not.

Bottom line: If casual sex gives you nightmares about the kind of person you are, stop doing it. But if makes you feel good, keep pluggin’ while the pluggin’ is good.

[H/T NY Mag]

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