Girl Tries To Get ‘Fuck Cancer’ Tattoo In Italian — Ends Up With Best Tat Ever

by 4 years ago

This story popped up over on Reddit yesterday. You know Reddit, right? It’s that story with a billion neckbeards arguing about dank memes and politics, where half the neckbeards are pretending to be women and the other half are trying to hit on those dudes pretending to be women. Well, this story popped up in r/Italy, and the original poster has since deleted his account and all comments, but it goes as follows. He was checking in with the native speaking Italians of Reddit to see if the tattoo his little sister had recently gotten was legit, and was distraught to find out his lil sis had just become a cautionary tale on getting tattoos in foreign languages.

This dude’s sister apparently wanted to get ‘Fuck Cancer’ tattooed on her shoulder blade as they have a cousin who was battling cancer and she wanted a show of solidarity. The correct translation for the tattoo would’ve been ‘Fanculo al Cancro’, instead what she got tattooed on her back was ‘Cazzo Cancro’, which is directly translated as ‘Dick Cancer’, as commenter malmostoso pointed out so succinctly: As others have said, no, that is a disastrous translation. “Fanculo al cancro” was the correct one. “Cazzo”, while used as an interjection commonly, literally means “dick”, “cock”, “penis”.

Here’s her beautiful tat:

Let this be a lesson to NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES get tattoos in a language you don’t read or write without first fact-checking. Also, you should probably just never get a tat in another language because they’re tacky as hell.

To read through all the glorious comments on Reddit from the native speakers you can click on over by following the link.