Stunt Driver With Stones The Size Of Bowling Balls Sets World Record For ‘Furthest Barrel Roll’

by 11 months ago

I don’t know why, but lately, I’ve been contemplating buying a junker car off Craigslist and going ham. Getting all rowdy in the mud. Taking it out into one of the off-roading courses here in inland Florida and just pushing the car/truck until it explodes.

I’m not trying to spend a fortune here but I think I could get some friends to go on a day of mayhem out in the woods and if we each threw a couple hundred bucks on it we would end up with some sort of badass vehicle to wreck shit with. Any of you bros out there ever have any experience with buying a car off Craigslist for the sole purpose of pushing it to the limits until it’s undrivable and ready to explode? I’m curious as to what your experience was like, hit me up down below or at @casspa on Twitter!

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