Porn Star James Deen Is Facing A $78,000 Fine For Neglecting To Follow The Most ‘Duh’ Porn Industry Standard

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It’s been a busy year for James Deen, and by “busy” I mean “Look at all the women who’ve come forward and accused him of sexual assault!” Five? Six? Seven girls and more? Lisa Ann did take time out of her busy day (she’s retired and doing nothing but trying to get her name in the news periodically, so that was a joke) to come to his defense, but nevertheless, the name “James Deen” has been officially sullied in the porn world.

And just when you realized that you hadn’t seen Deen’s name in the news in quite some time, here he is again, in trouble to the tune of $78,000 for allegedly not having his production company follow a porn industry standard: using condoms. According to The Guardian,

James Deen, the porn star recently accused of sexual assault, is facing government citations and potential fines for his production company’s alleged violations of condom and safety laws, with California officials accusing his enterprise of exposing performers to sexually transmitted infections.

His production company failed to use condoms and did not provide vaccines or medical examinations to employees who were potentially exposed to hepatitis B, according to citations issued Wednesday by California’s division of occupational safety and health (Cal/OSHA).

The proposed $77,875 penalty comes months after the high-profile adult entertainment star, known as an ambassador for the industry, experienced a stunning downfall amid numerous public accusations of assault. In November, three women who were fellow porn actors –Stoya, Tori Lux and Ashley Fires – said that Deen had sexually assaulted them, prompting Deen to describe the accusations as “false and defamatory”.(via)

“James Deen Productions” have reportedly been under investigation since December 8th, however according to officials Deen and his lawyers had refused to “provide the state with safety documentation and further denied the government permission to investigate.”

After a January site inspection, California issued nine violations, with four of them reportedly “serious enough that ‘death or serious harm could result from the actual hazardous condition.’”

Deen has yet to comment.

[H/T The Guardian]

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