This School Janitor Has Spent The Last 2 Weeks On A Roof Jerking Off While Staring Into People’s Windows

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Via NY Post

Can you imagine waking up early every morning just so you can go masturbate on top of some roof somewhere? You probably can’t, because fuck waking up early and it’s getting cold outside. Who wants to masturbate in the cold outdoors? Well apparently this New York City elementary school janitor does, according to the NY Post, since he’s done it every morning for the past two weeks.

You don’t come across commitment like this every day, folks.

A janitor at PS 116 in Murray Hill has found his own private peep show on the school’s roof, where he stares for hours at women undressing in a nearby luxury building while pleasuring himself to the view, according to a local resident. The man has been spying on the school’s unsuspecting East 33rd Street neighbors for at least two weeks, including a stretch of six work days in a row, the witness said.

“This guy’s out here like clockwork. He’s very bold,” said the horrified observer, who called 911 on the creepy custodian and alerted the 17th Precinct, although the cops never even showed up.

Via NY Post

I’m sorry, but if the police in New York City had to respond to every call they had about some weirdo jerking it in public then nothing would get done…aside from arresting wankers in public. Why don’t you take some incentive and throw a rock in his general direction to scare him off or something?

“He’s working in a grammar school. It’s disgusting. He should be arrested,” the source said. “He obviously has no concern for students or his job.”

On Tuesday, a Post reporter saw the man climb a ladder to the roof at 7:20 a.m. and hang out until well after 9 a.m. — enjoying the view while making sure nobody was watching. At one point, he settled into the corner of the building, which allows the best view of the nearby apartment building. The silhouette of a woman could be seen through a window.

The creep removed his work gloves and spent the next eight minutes masturbating while leering across the way.

Via NY Post

School officials are reportedly investigating the incident, although I’m not sure what there is to investigate. You have his picture and you KNOW he’s jerking off on the roof, what else is there to figure out? “Are you jerking off to the kids here in school, or just creeping through windows and jerking off to topless ladies? Because as long as you’re not jerking off to children we don’t really care what you do in your free time.”

[H/T and image via NY Post]

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