This Extensive List Of Jello Shots Is The Work Of A Lunatic And I Want To Try Every Single One

jello shots


Call me less of a bro but I’m a fan of Jello shots. Jello shots make awful booze taste better. Jello shots make women’s clothes fall off. They also make my clothes fall off, which makes sense, because I’m a big fan of wearing women’s clothes.

I stumbled across this comprehensive list today of every single fucking Jello shot known to man. I must try all of these immediately. Maybe not all in the same day. Maybe over a weekend.

Among the most interesting:

Black Widow — Grape Jello, blackberry vodka and ginger powder.

Banana Boat — Pineapple Jello, Coconut rum and banana liqueur

Rummy bears — Any flavor Jello and a berry vodka with a gummy bear in the center

I can feel my clothes falling off already! But probably because my thong is too big.

Jello Shots List

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