Official ‘Jersey Shore’ Season 2 Drinking Game Rules

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Some bros and I took the initial “Jersey Shore” drinking game suggestions that BroBible posted and added a bunch more. The game ended up being a lot of fun so we restructured some new rules for Season 2.

Pre-Episode Proposition Bets:
Before the start of the show, anyone participating in the game will wager on the “Jersey Shore” cast member to first be shown doing a typical guido/guidette activity during that episode. For each cast member you correctly select, you will get to dole out five drinks to others playing the game.

  1. First cast member to be shown fist pumping during the episode.
  2. First to bring someone home to the house.
  3. First to throw a punch or get into a fight.
  4. First to be shown applying hair product/fixing their hair.
  5. First to be shown or mention tanning.

Season 2 Rules:

  1. Drink whenever a cast member screams “Miami!” at the top of their lungs.
  2. Drink whenever a Season 1 guido term is used (i.e. “Grenade,” “GTL,” “Ron Ron Juice,” etc.).
  3. Drink whenever the cast visits the gym, tanning salon, laundromat, or barber shop. Drink 3 if the cast members are shown completing each stage of the G.T.L. trifecta.
  4. Drink every time someone uses the word “Bro.”
  5. Drink whenever Snooki eats a pickle.
  6. Drink whenever Angelina “cock blocks” another cast member.
  7. Drink when one of the cast members assigns a nickname to one of the girls/guys they bring home (i.e. “Cowboy,” “Freckles McGee,” “The Grenade”).
  8. Drink whenever a hookup mishap takes place (examples from Season 1 include Mike’s date falls down the stairs, Snooki’s guy vomiting while they’re hooking up, Snooki’s guy falling asleep mid-hookup, Mike getting blocked by “The Grenade”). Drink twice if it ends up blocking Snooki or The Situation from closing the deal.
  9. Drink anytime the cast members experience Southern culture shock.
  10. Drink whenever Mike gets a fake telephone number or is stood up by or asked who he is by a girl he calls on the phone. Drink twice if other cast members are present to witness his failure.
  11. Drink when the cast members get into a fight. If a cast member is arrested, later claims “self-defense,” or claims the fight was started by “haters,” drink one extra for each.
  12. Drink one for each time Ronnie gets back together with Sammi. Drink one for each person they hook up with while they are “together.”
  13. Drink whenever any of the guys hit on a girl who may not be of legal age.
  14. Drink whenever Snooki takes off an article of clothing or accidentally reveals more of herself. Drink twice if the editing crew hasn’t made the shot blurred enough for you to endure without looking away.
  15. Drink once for every hour between Ronnie and Sammi’s breakup to them making up. Drink one extra if Ronnie cries or says it’s his fault. Chug your drink if Sammi says it’s her fault.
  16. Drink once for every person shown dancing at a Pauly D DJ appearance (first shot of the dance floor during each event).
  17. Drink anytime a private security guard for the group makes his way into the shot or has to interfere in a fight.
  18. Drink anytime the word “Gorilla” is used to describe someone in a positive light.
  19. Drink whenever JWoww adjusts herself on camera.
  20. Drink whenever Snooki gets drunk and does something to entertain herself (i.e. dances by herself, makes random phone calls, builds a bubble bath cave, etc.).

Season 1 Favorites (optional, and not for the weak of liver):

  1. Drink when any cast member is applying hair product or references their hair (i.e. their “poof” or “blowout”).
  2. Drink whenever a cast member is shown wearing sunglasses inside or at night.
  3. Drink whenever one of the girls refers to themselves as “classy” or another girl as “trashy” or “trash,” a “skank,” “sl*t,” “hoe,” “ho,” etc.
  4. Drink when a cast member fist pumps. Drink 2 if the cast fist pumps as a group.
  5. Drink whenever a cast member removes his shirt in public (i.e. not at the house).
  6. Drink when you see JWoww’s side-boob. Drink only once for each outfit (i.e. if they show side boob before she goes out, drink once for that but do not drink again every time they show her out later that night in the same clothes).
  7. Drink anytime you see Jager, Red Bull, Goose, and/or mixers (drink once for each type shown). Drink once if they come up with names for their drink (i.e. “Ron Ron Juice”). Drink once even if the newly named drink does not contain Jager, Red Bull, or Goose and mixers.
  8. Drink whenever Mike refers to himself as “The Situation” or any other housemate makes a joke about whether he is or is not “The Situation.” Limit of 5 drinks per episode.
  9. Drink whenever they mispronounce Nicole’s nickname “Snooki” (i.e. she is referred to as “Snickers,” “Snookers,” “Snookums,” etc.). Limit of 5 drinks per episode.
  10. Drink when/if a cast member catches some kind of disease/illness (i.e. pink eye, venereal disease, etc.).

Add your own rules in the Comments.

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