N.J. High Schoolers Caught Playing ‘Jews Vs. Nazis’ Beer Pong Because They Decided To Post About It On SnapChat



Stupidity is rarely an isolated incident. One idiotic act usually results in some kind of a snowball effect of continued moronic behavior or outcomes. Take these high school students from Princeton, New Jersey as the prime example of that theory. They decided to drink underage (can’t really knock them for that, we all did it), but then they had the bright idea to play ‘Jews Vs. Nazis’ beer pong (also called Holocaust Pong’ or ‘Alcoholocaust’ to some). The snowball of stupidity didn’t stop there. Oh no, it found some tremendous momentum when a real, tried-and-true dipshit decided to post an incriminating photo of the game on SnapChat, because “we gotta preserve the memories, man.”

And now here we are, watching these kids’ snowball of stupidity storm down the hill and become national news. Eventually the snowball will come to a halt, and everyone will forget this happened in two weeks (that’s how society works these days) but not before everyone in that photo finds themselves in a WORLD OF SHIT.

Do they deserve the punishment that will surely come their way? I don’t know. I’m not about to play judge or jury as to if these kids are racist or just plain dumb, but the saying “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” has never been more applicable.

According to NJ.com here is how you play the game…

Beer cups are arranged in a Star of David and swastika formation on each end of a table.

The “Jews” are allowed to “Anne Frank,” or hide, one of their cups. The Nazis are allowed to “Auschwitz” their opponents, requiring one to sit out a round, websites say.