Jilted Wife Slut-Shames Her Cheating Husband by Forcing Him to Go Public on Facebook

by 5 years ago

His wife, Sonya Gore — whom he has been estranged from for two years — obviously disagrees with me and thinks because his dick wandered its way into the crotch of another woman TWO YEARS AGO, the next few months of his life should have to suck. Those were her terms in order to get back with him. If he wants to be married to her again, he had to post a photo of himself admitting guilt and it needs to get over 10,000 likes on Facebook. At time of publish, it has a shade under 6,000. 

Maybe I'm wrong here. Maybe this was his idea in the first place; a proactive attempt to win back Sonya's masticated heart. I don't know, though, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who puts all of his business all over the Internet.

Oh, wait…

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