Jimmy Tatro’s ‘Fuckboy Starter Kit’ Is The Ultimate Way To Identify Douchebags

by 3 years ago

Is there anything more douchey than the tools who suck on vapes while riding around on hoverboards dressed like a member of Justin Bieber’s entourage? Hell no. These kids are fuckboys a.k.a. the biggest tools on the planet. They’re ruining society as we know it with their dumbass e-vape juice clouds and drop-crotch pants.

Fuckboys are somehow more douchey than hipsters, a feat that I thought was impossible until a Grade A fuckboy on a hoverboard almost knocked me over while trying to hit up a bar inside LAX airport. Here’s what said douche looked like:

Shortly after I took that picture, I spotted him drinking a glass of white wine while still on his hoverboard. It was 11:30 in the morning. While watching him smugly sip his wine, I felt nothing but malignant hate for fuckboys. That’s why Jimmy Tatro putting fuckboys on blast is the best thing I’ve watched on YouTube in a long, long time.

I think I speak for all of BroBible nation when I say fuck fuckboys. If you have a friend metamorphosing into a fuckboy, throw an intervention before it’s too late.

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