Want To Achieve True ‘Baller Status’? You Can Buy J.P. Morgan’s 120-Year-Old Adirondack Estate

Maybe some of you bros are still in college and aren’t bringing in bank yet. But maybe, just maybe there’s a few of you bros reading this who have paid your dues on Wall Street and are poised to make your first massive purchase, and maybe that purchase should be this 120-year-old ‘Great Camp’ in the Adirondacks formerly built and owned by financier and Wall Street magnate J.P. Morgan, of the eponymous bank. John Pierpont Morgan’s 5-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom estate on Raquette Lake just went on the market with a price tag of $3.5 million, which all things considered is an absolute steal.

AdirondackEstates.com has the full listing:

Camp Uncas stands out among the finest grand camps of the Adirondacks. Completed in 1895 by William West Durant, the father of the Adirondack “Great Camp” style, it was owned for a half-century by leading American financier J.P. Morgan and his heirs. The Main Lodge and guest cabins section of Camp Uncas, now for sale, combines exceptional rustic architecture, original furnishings, a comfortable scale and design for living and entertaining, and one of the most peaceful, quiet and private settings to be found in the Adirondack Park. In 2010, Camp Uncas was designated as a National Landmark by the U.S. Department of Interior. It is a truly extraordinary property.

The website 6sqft.com has some history on Camp Uncas, J.P. Morgan’s Adirondack home built in 1895:

The secluded Camp Uncas was built in 1895 by Brooklynite William West Durant, who is credited with perfecting the Adirondack “Great Camp” style. While the compound is unquestionably a spectacular work, its claim to fame is that it was once owned by financier J.P. Morgan. Morgan purchased the 1,500 acre property from Durant in 1897, and for the fifty years that followed, his family used it as a vacation home. Though the property has traded hands several times since the Morgans graced its grounds, its roster of owners is no less interesting—nor is its rustic architecture.

After the death of the J.P. Morgan Junior in 1943, the family sold the lodge to Mrs. Margaret Emerson who used it to entertain distinguished guests from around the globe, including Secretary of State George Marshall, Madame Chiang Kai Shek and Bernard Baruch. Camp Uncas’s history did however become somewhat less glamorous after 1965 when the property was sold to the Boy Scouts of Rockland County, New York. Years of hard use and little upkeep left Camp Uncas in desperate need of maintenance.

Fortunately for the storied property, Howard Kirschenbaum and Barbara Glaser restored the camp back to its former brilliance when they bought it in 1975. However, while the camp’s flame shined bright again, Kirschenbaum and Glaser’s faded. Following their divorce sometime in the 1980s, the property was split, and Kirschenbaum’s share of Camp Uncas is now on the market for $3.25 million.

If you’ve never been to the Adirondack Mountains I simply cannot stress enough how much you’re missing out in life. The Adirondacks are the largest state park in the nation, and it’s quite possibly the greatest forest on planet Earth. Raquette Lake, where J.P. Morgan’s ‘Camp Uncas’ is located is also one of the greatest lakes in the Adirondacks. If you have kids or are planning on starting a family, there’s also a fantastic summer camp on that lake I’ve been fortunate enough to spent short periods of time at while visiting my female friends who were counselors there back in H.S. and college.

I’m fortunate enough to spend almost every weekend of my Summer up in the ADK’s, and I’d probably sell my soul to own that house. Sadly I barely have enough savings in my bank account to put a down payment on a Double Whopper from Burger King, so I will not be purchasing J.P. Morgan’s Camp Uncas on Raquette Lake to the tune of $3.25 million. But if any of you bros want to pool your money together with me, we could go splitsville, right?

Tip of the hat to AdirondackEstates and Veranda.com for finding this real estate listing!

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