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  • The 50 Funniest Examples Of Nature Porn. [Super Booyah]
  • A Guide To Having No Regrets Before Your Last Summer Slips Away And You Become A Senior. [BuzzFeed]
  • 8 dumbest fringe U.S. presidential candidates. [TruTV]
  • 7 of the World’s Craziest Roads. [Mental Floss]
  • WTF: Blonde hits just about every car you never wanna hit (10 Photos). [The Chive]
  • Kate Upton loves the Internet back. [TDW Tease]
  • Hot Hippie Girls Who Want to Enjoy Your Summer of Love. [SlingShot]
  • 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Saved by the Bell. [Unreality]
  • Sport Recife Keeper Delivers Kung-Fu Kick To Back Of Opponent’s Neck (Video). [TPS]
  • 15 things you should know about the debt ceiling crisis. [TruTV]
  • 25 Hottest Poker Babes We Know We Can Beat. [Bleacher Report]
  • Actress/model Katie Cleary gets today's Lovely Lady of the Day honors. [Hot Clicks]
  • Who Cares About Olivia Munn When Now We’ve Got Sara Jean Underwood? [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Spank Bank: Aida Caraballo stripping on a beach. [Gorilla Mask]
  • 5 Ways Netflix Can Make Up For The Price Increase. [College Humor]
  • 6 Things We (Almost) Like Better Than Sex. [COED Magazine]
  • This Evening: Alexander Ovechkin Is Really Overdressed For This Summer Weather. [Deadspin]
  • The Funniest Sports O-Faces Of All Time. [Super Booyah]
  • More mugshots of people in T-shirts that foreshadowed the arrest (36 Photos). [The Chive]
  • How Not To Name A Liquor Store. [Next Round]
  • Kristin Cavallari Middle Finger Action. Suck it Cutler. [GCeleb]
  • 6 Insane Holidays You'll Wish You Celebrated. [Cracked]
  • 10 Dating Tips for Height Challenged Men. [Smoking Jacket]
  • Reasons Why You Should Date a Fat Girl. You read that right. [SlingShot]
  • Todd Phillips Tackles Stoner Arms Dealers. Todd Phillips is awesome. [Film Drunk]
  • Texas A&M 6-10 Male Cheerleader Steals Show At Big 12 Media Day. [Busted Coverage]
  • Beach Volleyballer Jess Gysin Is Kinda a Bitch, Implies Our Friends at Busted Coverage. [Busted Coverage]
  • Pretty sure this is every blog on the Internet: “The 8 Worst Types of Blog on the Internet.” [Cracked]
  • Unbelievable home built out of two shipping containers (38 Photos). [The Chive]
  • 9 Bizarre Postage Stamps That Really Exist. [Oddball Daily]
  • The Girls of Comic Con 2011. [Heavy]
  • 21 Film Franchises With WAY Too Many Sequels. [COED Magazine]
  • 24 Babes In Your Browser History You Can Explain Away  [ClutchMTV]
  • DUMB: Florida Tea Party hates manatees, declares them ‘dangerous’. [OTB]
  • Brazilian Bikini Babes Doing Some Dirty Dancing. [Linkiest]
  • TRU STORY: Man asks Chick-Fil-A cow to be his best man (pics). [TruTV]
  • E.T. Alternate Ending: This is what Spielberg had originally planned, but they ran out of money. [College Humor]
  • Candice Swanepoel is playing trick or treat. [FHM]
  • RIP: Man Who Vowed to Live Forever Has Died. [Neatorama]
  • The Most Shocking Moments In HBO History [PopCrunch]
  • Analyzing The Strong Pro-Incest Message of Elvis Presley’s Song “Kissin’ Cousins”. [Holy Taco]
  • 21 Film Franchises With WAY Too Many Sequels. [COED Magazine]
  • 10 actors with the most insane acting range. [Guyism]
  • A smoke with a gun. [Gorilla Mask]
  • The Race Back To the Deepest Point In the Sea. [Gizmodo]
  • Sports GIFS full of WTF (11 GIFS). [The Chive]
  • Celebrate the End of the NFL Lockout with Jaime Edmondson. [Smoking Jacket]
  • NFL Lockout Ends: What to Know About all 32 Teams. [Gunaxin]
  • 50 Sexiest Ladies Rocking Racing Gear. [Bleacher Report]
  • 6 Real Diseases That Have Somehow Become Trendy. [Cracked]
  • Another 24 Sexy Bedroom Babes. [DJ Mick]
  • How To Give A Girl An “Organism” [RegretfulMorning]
  • Dumm stuff: How to survive the NBA lockout and save money while doing it. [TruTV]
  • Olivia Wilde is really good at marketing herself. [Guyism]
  • Zach Galifianakis, the Immigrant. [HD]
  • 50 Biggest International Sports Moments in U.S. History. [Bleacher Report]
  • Skateboarding and Wu-Tang. Whut up. [FHM]
  • VIDEO: Boy hilariously kicks mascot in the nuts on “Blue Balls” night. [Guyism]
  • Money for Men: Places that will drain your wallet. [Guyism]
  • Best Van You'll See Today. [HD]
  • Michelle Baker is Hot, Hot, Hot!!! [SlingShot]
  • Denise Richards In New York City. Get it. Get it. [MoeJackson]
  • There’s going to be ESPN: The Movie. You ready for that? [Variety]
  • Eight Things You Should Know About Groupon. [Smoking Jacket]
  • Albert Haynesworth and 6 Players Who Will Be Cut This Week. [Bleacher Report]
  • VIDEO: A Turtle Humps A Squeeze Toy. [Gorilla Mask]
  • Velvet Sky Gets Hot. [Hollywood Tuna]
  • Bookies Giving Odds on How Charlie Sheen’s Character Will Leave ’2.5 Men' [Warming Glow]
  • Late Night Hosts on Late Night Shows That Aren’t Their Own. [Mental Floss]
  • The 50 Worst Draft Flops in Sports History. [Bleacher Report]
  • Kevin Love ‘Attacks’ Jess Gysin on the Beach in NYC. [COED Magazine]
  • NBA: Ranking Every Arena in the NBA from the Worst to the Very Best. [Bleacher Report]

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“Bill Nye in Breaking Bad”

Kick-Ass Little League Catch of the Day

The A.V. Club's Cool Video About the Ghostbusters Firehouse


Keegan Wilcox’s Porcelain Unicorn

British Teens Explore Walmart

90′s A Cappella Dance Mix

Audiosurf. NSFW Sound. WTF?!

Serious Car Porn of the Day

HBTV: Depth of Speed – The Bond from HBTV on Vimeo.

A real person, a lot like you

Knights of Badassdom Trailer


M. Night Shyamalan Diss of the Day

The Dentist Of Jaipur

Punching Jeremy Roenick

Roberto Alomar Strips Shirt from Fan at Hall of Fame Parade

Soccer Flying Ninja Kick to the Face


Ski Porn of the Day

Pizza Very Fresh

Austin Skatepark Via Helicam

Heli Test #1 from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.


Nas — “More Than I Can Say” Feat. Keyshia Cole

Clams Casino — “Wizard”

Ray Davies – Till The End of the Day

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah — “Maniac”


Black Rob — “Game Tested, Streets Approved”

Stroked – A Tribute to Is This It

via Stereogum

Stroked – A Tribute to Is This It by Limonadier

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