Kanye West Gets His Haircut Every Day And Pays Almost FOUR TIMES The Median Household Income On Them Per Year

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Kanye, BRO, do you really need to get your goddamn haircut every goddamn day? You barely have any hair.  Or, do your hair follicles outgrow a “normal” person’s follicles? That has to be it. Your big, smart, creative, clairvoyant brain is just constantly pushing hair out of your scalp in order to create more room for your brilliance. That’s got to be it. But still, every day? I mean…


And how much are you paying, on a daily basis, for this haircut that can be achieved for under $10 at any barbershop anywhere?

According to what Rihanna’s father (no idea why he’s commenting on Kanye’s grooming, but whatever) told Heat: ‘It’s crazy. Kanye gets a haircut every day. He pays his barber $500 a time. I don’t understand how that much hair gets taken off. Kanye just loves the fresh look.’

That’s a whopping, A WHOPPPPPPING, $182,500 per year. The median household income in this country is $50,000 per year.

Bro, this is a waste of money. So frivolous.

Then again…


Look. Do what you want with your money. Stuff it up your wife’s asshole for all I care, but just know this: your hair ain’t even that fly… says the whitest guy on the entire fucking planet who has no idea what that comment even means.

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