Guy Tries To Change Tire In Middle Of Autobahn And HOLY SHIT He Almost Becomes Roadkill

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autobahn accident tire change Kapchagay Kazakhstan

I’m not what you call a man’s man. I’ll try anything and I mostly fail at everything. Changing tires is one of those man skills that I just can’t master. One thing I do know is to NOT change my tire in the middle of the goddamn highway – especially the Autobahn – like this gutsy nutjob…

Google translate tells me the video’s title is “Accident. Autobahn. Kapchagai. I do not noticed the standing cars.”

I googled Kapchagay and found it’s a city in the Almaty Region of Kazakhstan, which is home to Borat.

How Russian is this video? The first comment on the video asks what track’s playing in the car that recorded this near-tragedy. It’s from Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift, btw.

The comments section also revealed the driver of the BMW that hit the incapacitated car was “found guilty”.

A Reddit commenter noted that the swerving car reminded him of a bowling ball kicking back from the edge of the lane towards the lead pin. Looks like it’s a spare, mon frere.

I was thinking about this earlier this morning. If I were about to meet my maker, would I want to see it coming? No, right? That’s why all those rats who get shot in the back of the head for snitching on the mob in movies and TV shows are lucky. Then again, I’ve never been shot in the head. They don’t just instantly die, right? So, maybe not so much with stool pigeons. BUT, people who are fatally wiped out from behind, THAT has to be the way to go.

If you’re the guy changing the tire, you A) never drive a car or go near a highway again and B) play the lottoooooooooo.

Via Reddit

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