Public Service Announcement: Don’t Kick Dildos Because You Can Destroy Your TV Like These People

Don’t you hate it when you kick a dildo and it soars through the air and destroys your TV? I know I do. This gentleman is a real cocksman with the rubber dick. He perfectly throws down his dildo with a suction cup and it sticks to the floor. That’s when a girl comes into the picture, asks, “What’s this,” then punts the faux cock. It smacks the TV and crashes it to the floor. Ooops.

Let’s see how many fun quips can be made about this unfortunate incident.

  • “Hi, insurance company person. I’d like to make a claim on a damaged television. Um. Is kicking a dildo into a TV covered?”
  • That TV is fucked.
  • This TV has had this big of a dick on the screen since they watched a Justin Bieber music video.
  • This girl did give a flying fuck.
  • She should have seen that dick coming.
  • Fantastic kick though. The Dolphins should sign her up to be their kicker.
  • Stop dicking around.
  • Talk about getting the shaft.
  • This TV takes a pounding.
  • That’s one repair bill that will be hard to swallow.
  • What a dick move.
  • That was nuts!
  • The idea that a stand is the safest method to showcase your TV is a phallusy.
  • Play with rubber dicks and you’re bound to get fucked.
  • Instead of dildo, she should dildon’t.
  • Didn’t their mother ever warn them to never kick balls in the house?
  • The one time in your entire life that you need to get cock blocked and it doesn’t happen.

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