Kid Gets Jumped By 4 Bullies In School Bathroom, More Than Holds His Own

A fight should always be mano a mano or at least equal numbers of people in a group fight. The four-on-one crap we see in this video is just weak sauce. This kid in blue gets jumped by four teens in a school bathroom and even though the odds were never in his favor, he gives an applause-worthy effort to not go down without a fight.

C’mon guys, let these two dudes settle their squabble one-on-one. The shirtless kid didn’t even need help in the fight, he was handing his business on his own. He had some powerful punches and one devastating bodyslam. If I was the shirtless kid I’d be pissed that my friends jumped in when I’m not getting my ass kicked.

The blue shirt kid’s kick to the back of the knee to get him on the ground was some advanced players only shit though.

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