This Horrifying Story About A Kid Walking In On His Parents Having Sex Will Give You Nightmares For Weeks

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Everyone likes to pretend that their parents don’t have sex, but come on. They totally do. I mean what else is there to do once you hit 40? Listen to NPR? Watch Jeopardy re-runs and then go to bed by 8:30? Yes and yes, but you can also bone like turkeys on the chopping block the week before Thanksgiving. It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s less likely to put you to sleep than Alex Trebek.

Unfortunately for Reddit user PingPongPlaya17, he found out the hard way that his parents liked to bone.

So this happened quite a while ago, but I still have vivid flashbacks of this even that scarred my life.

My parents told me that I couldn’t sleepover at a friends house, but I could come home late. Apparently, they didn’t know how late.

So I come home, and its around 11, so I just go to bed, thinking my parents had already gone to sleep. My parents are very strict about me going to bed by at midnight when there’s no school the next day. They let me stay up, but only to a degree. So I have trouble falling asleep and end up playing on my phone until 12:30 ish. Right before going to bed finally, I realize that I’m really thirsty.

I open my door and proceed down the hall. Only problem is that I have to pass my parents room to get downstairs. So I walk very silently (I went all ninja) and as I pass my parents room, I hear my mom say “Walt, come here”. Shit, she heard me somehow. Now, the bad part is that my dad is also named Walter, and nobody bothers to say Jr. (Yes we are named Walter and Walter just like breaking bad).

I knew I would be grounded, so I open her door and immediately wish I hadn’t. She had been asking my father to cum on her face, not asking me to come to her. I saw my mother naked and my dads small ass dick. I’m scarred for life, and I’m grounded for two weeks.

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Oh, and another Reddit user Cyae1 made a narration for it, because reasons.

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