This Python Learned Just How Deadly A King Cobra’s Venom Is After One Single Bite In Short-Lived Battle

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In inter-species death match was caught on camera on public pathway in Singapore last week by a resident. The duel featured a reticulated python and a king cobra and proved to be a very big mismatch. A reticulated python refers to a very large Asian python patterned with dark patches outlined in black. It is the longest snake and can grow to a mind-bending 36 feet.

That’s impressive and all, except when you’re dealing with king cobras–world’s longest venomous snake. The toxins of just one venomous bite  affect the victim’s central nervous system, resulting in severe pain, blurred vision, vertigo, drowsiness, and eventually paralysis. As the python learned before croaking.

Sheldon Trollope, whose home backs onto the trail, said: ‘

‘It’s rare to see two apex predators fighting in broad daylight. It’s even more rare to see a cobra kill another snake so quickly with such a precise bite. Usually they’re entangled and entwined as they battle it out.

”The nature reserve is a nice place to walk through but it’s a wild jungle, too. I put up the video not to scare people but to remind them this is what nature is all about.

”This clip shows it exactly as it is, and you get a really good feel of what goes on out there. I feel privileged to have been part of it.”

Sheldon believes that the cobra killed the python for essentially no reason, as it would not have been able to eat its prey because of all the humans that walk the trail (cobras surprisingly are scared shitless of us. Bitches.)

He explained: ”There were just too many people around for the cobra to come back and finish the job. People scared the cobra away.”


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